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Shipping Policy


Effective Date: August 7, 2023


At Miranda Beauty & Weight Loss, we are committed to ensuring that our patients receive their medications promptly and in optimal condition. This Shipping Policy outlines the procedures and guidelines for the shipping of medications prescribed through our service to our patients.


Pharmacy Partners

We partner with reputable pharmacies to fulfill the prescriptions made by our healthcare providers. Our primary pharmacy is Hallandale Pharmacy, with Southend Pharmacy serving as a backup. These partnerships ensure that our patients receive high-quality medications in a timely manner.


Shipping and Turnover Time

  • Dispatch Time: Our pharmacy partners, Hallandale Pharmacy and Southend Pharmacy, have a standard turnover time of 7 days to dispatch medications once a prescription is received.

  • Shipping Method: Medications are shipped to patients via FedEx overnight mail to ensure prompt delivery.

  • Delivery Time: While we aim for a delivery time of 7 days from the date of prescription, actual delivery may be impacted by weather conditions or other unexpected circumstances outside our control.


Special Handling and Inclusions

  • Cold-Shipped Medications: Certain medications, such as Semaglutide and Tirzepatide, require cold shipping to maintain their effectiveness. These medications are overnighted with appropriate cold packaging and should be refrigerated upon arrival. Syringe needles are included with these and any other injectable medications at no additional cost to ensure you have the necessary supplies for immediate use.


  • Room Temperature Medications: Other prescribed medications can be stored at room temperature without damage and are shipped accordingly. When applicable, syringe needles will be included for medications requiring injection.


Shipping Charges

  • All-Inclusive Pricing: The cost of shipping, including the provision of syringe needles for injectable medications, is already included in the pricing of our services and medications. There will be no additional shipping fees charged to you. This approach ensures transparency and convenience, allowing you to focus on your health without worrying about unexpected costs.


Delivery Issues

  • In the event of delivery failure or delay, please contact us immediately. We will work with our pharmacy partners and FedEx to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. However, please note that [Your Clinic Name] is not responsible for delays caused by factors outside our control, including but not limited to weather conditions and carrier delays.


Contact Information

For any questions or concerns regarding your medication delivery, please contact us at:


Policy Updates

Miranda Beauty & Weight Loss reserves the right to update or modify this Shipping Policy at any time without prior notice. Any changes will be effective immediately upon posting on our website.



Our goal at Miranda Beauty & Weight Loss is to provide a seamless and efficient process for getting your prescribed medications to you safely and promptly. We understand the importance of timely medication delivery in managing your health and are committed to excellence in this aspect of our service.

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